Answering 21 Questions “About Me” :)


These are my answers for the 21 Questions Jillian of A Room of One’s Own asked in her “About You” page.

  1. Sum yourself up in twenty-five words or less.

A girl in her mid-20s still searching for her place in the world. A follower of Jesus Christ who loves reading classics and historical fiction.

  1. Do you read? If so, why, what, and how often?

Duh! Yeah! Because I crave for something new every now and then. Because if I didn’t feed my mind, it will die from hunger of knowledge. And of course I read for entertainment too. I mostly read classics and historical fiction, and some contemporary lit and children’s books in between. I try to read every day, every time I have the time (and mood, LOL). So far, I didn’t suck much at the Goodreads Reading Challenge I set for myself (52 books for the year 2012, which…

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